Sunday, January 31, 2010

All Bout Mr N...haha

Hey hey..just listening to "This I Promise You" by nsync..aah JC sooooo that voice and that dreamy eyes..aaah...anyway tonight..what shall i blog bout..well since nobody that i really know of gonna drop by my blog apart from my bff i guess i can just gossip and talk bad bout other ppl.

Ayway like ive said earlier in my gonna be updating bout Nazree..hhm..maybe i shall blog bout the jerks guys that i know. There's Mr Ray Bogeh whom i know after sometime that he's married and that his name is actually Faidullah Monir not a so called Mr Ray of a spanish family background..*pukes*..nama pun nak TIPU ke..i just dont get it!!! Then there's Mr vin diesel aka Arab whose real name is Syed Abdillah..who lied almost bout everything!! Bout having a job at Australia which i really think he didnt..he's in singapore all along..fake australian number..fake whatever..fake illness and i guess faking love for me too lah..bullshit lah with his sayang...dear..sweetheart..tonggek lah..mamy..babygerl...but he really has a voice that can make me melt..haizzzzz....that's the one thing that i cannot forget bout him...its that voice!!

Now it's Mr Nazree...mat masjid whom i tot is the nicest of all cos of his pious background but apparently he's sooooooooooooo not! he's the worst of all! Well here's my history with's gonna be very long..i get to know him thru irc..his nick was that time he was 25 and i was 24..masih ingat seh. At that time my niece who was one yr and half was schooling in iman kindergarten at taman jurong and i always send her and fetch her..and so while waiting me and my aunt usually have our lunch at the nearby banquet just beside masjid asyakirin (he used to work there). So on this fine friday..probs after the friday prayers,i tot i saw someone familiar.

Well b4 this me and naz has been chatting in msn and we kinda know how we both look on that day..he was there with the imam masjid whom my dad knew lah and there he was looking so decent..innocent and i fell in love with him at that moment...crazy lah..cos he look soooooo melayu..i love guys in baju kurung melayu ah..hahaha. So i sms him at the moment just to make sure it was him and he replied..and apparently ke did notice me too but he couldnt talk to me cos there were so many pakciks and imam with her. U know whenever i talked to mum bout naz as the mat masjid..mum sure kasi green light to jumpa dia altho she sure tanya lots of things b4 hand nye lah but haizzzz..too bad he turned out to be the baddie! I can still remember that smile he gave me after he finished his lunch and walk passed by me..aaah..what am i supposed to forget bout him..aiyoooooo!!

So anyway mths and mths after that 1st meeting..and chatting in msn/talking on the phone..he decided to ask me out..finally!! met at boon lay interchange..i was sooooooo excited..and there he was look soooo clean..and so nice..aaah *sobs* Well we went to jurong entertainment centre..watched meet the spartans with him..only less then 20 ppls in there. Of all the dates that i went most at ease with him..the fact that i feel like a couple when im with him..altho that show wasnt the romantic kind..i still lie on his shoulders..gatal.. and that his hands were around me..aaw..well we went for dinner and then back home..nothing more. But at the moment..i already felt that there's something that he's hiding from me cos he kept checking his if he got another date...but i didnt really expect much.

After's been on and off for us..altho at times he did call me but i always kept thinking bout that sms thingy and i never really trusted him everysince.So early this yr things were back to normal again when me and him decided to refresh again..and that's when he started to be a jerk! 1stly we can never set on a date/time to meet cos he's always with his last minute plan! I just dont get it..if he already book my on wed and thurs..why must he changed it on mon..on the last minute..told him soooooooooooo many times i cant go out like that..he just can never undestand me! im getting so sick and tired of that,it's like ive to follow his ways and he can never follow my ways.He even mentioned then goin out with me is like goin with Anak Raja must need appointments!! MEREPEK!! Even me and my bff diana planned things mths and mths in advanced..who the hell is he to just book me anyhow he wants..who does he thing he and when aje when he needs me..ive to follow his ways! And like diana said to me..if he doesnt respect layan sudah! No point in keeping a guy like that.Now we're not even a couple and he's already treating me like this..i wonder how it will be like if we were a couple,bound tobe arguements everyday!

Not only cos of the time,we kinda differ in our living style...he's more to the simple and average kinda living kinda guy,i cant believe that he only eat Swensens once a yr!! Well if it's necessary..hhhm *rolls eyes* He hates shopping..and hates it more if he were to accompany a girl to shop cos he said that girls are so leceh when it comes to shopping..not nice lah..too tight..too loose..let;s go to another shop this and that..alamak mat nie leceh seh!! He dont like goin out on group dates..i ever asked him b4 whether he's the type that's ok if i were to go out with my besties and he tag along,he said he cant promise n he actually tak suker sangat *blueks* He and i have different opinions on almost everything i guess it's not really my loss if i were cut wire with him

Anyways what im pissed now is that..he actually put his status in Facebook as in a relationship with this so called tudung girl who actually has 2 kids!!! Alah anyway i look way way better then that girl...hahahah not my loss!! It's not as if he looks like fahrin or awal or taufik batisah or hans isaac..then it is my loss ah...haha But then again i think over and over again if he wants to be attached to someone..why is he wasting time with me??? so what does that proves??? he just wanna have fun with me..he wasnt serious in me?? no wonder he just wants me whenever he is FREE and he doesnt bother if im free or not!! Gi telan bom ah! haha Oh and the latest i found out on his shoutouts on seems like he is having probs with his so call girl Siti Fauziana Wahid!! PADAN MUKA!! Im happy when's so not happy!! Deserved it boy! And his msn : again an again..being played...please xplain to me...benci diperlaku begini..nazree being played again..haha biar betul!!! I found a perfect song for him "Dont want u back" from Backstreet Boys" will post the lyrics in a next blog.

So that's it for a really longggggggggggg post..oh it is the mth of feb..and Arab is supposed to be back in singapore..hahaha another bullshit..he's supposed to let me know...he didnt..piece of crap! U know sometimes i just wish that i actually meet him outside so that i can confront him..seriously i will definitely do that ah!!

Anyway gtg n sleep now..somehow listening to that BSB song and knowing bout nazree like that..makes me soooooo happy!! Im being bad i know..but does he actually care bout my am i always hurt cos of this..NO! So ive go to the right to feel like that..and for once i think i am OVER him!! period!!!


xx Myra xx

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just an entry on a Fri Nyte..'s such a boring nite,most of my msn friends are not online..and i cant cook on cafeworld cos it seems like the food are still there.. for the past few one has been eating..haizzzz...i cant login to island world and my rollercoaster..well waiting for another hr for the visitors to arrive :( So here i am blogging..attempting to post pics using photoscape..i think i like that site!! ive yet to explore it..hehe

So earlier..i brought my niece to the nearby playground cos it's been a while since i last bring her main2 there but she insisted on riding her bicycle so let it be lah..she's now still on her 4 wheels bicycle..i still remember when i started learning to ride on a 2 wheel that i was P2..learn under my void was with my black/silver BMX bicycle..mum tried to hold me at the back so that i can slowly keep my balance but i kept falling and falling..and she got so tired holding..she just pushed me and let me go and there i was riding on my own,..woohooo!! It's been a while tho since i last ride on one...dunno whether i can still ride on one..haha So anyway above are are some pics i took just b4 we went to the with no make up at all and with senget specs..haha ive yet to get a new one..probs something in either red or pink..haha

Well that's all for now..hmm i kinda miss Nazree..well altho he's one difficult and one iritating seems so hard for me not to msn him whenever i see him online..well i didnt of cos lah...ive to forget bout him ah..haizzzzz...well maybe one of this days i will blog bout him for memories sake..hahaha

xx Myra xx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sappy love songs...*sobs*

Well since yesterday,ive been watching old boyband videos from youtube..kinda bring back memories..sad songs..cute songs..dancey songs..etc..boyband will always be a part of me lah..*lol* So anyway listed below are songs that i find it to be extra touching..sad2 lyrics..:(

1st song - A1 - One last song I just came across that song on youtube..1st verse kinda slow but i like the chorus..altho sad but it sounded nice..

2nd song - westlife if your hearts not in it..always a fav especially bryan's part!

Finally last song from V- you stood..well i just love this video..the guys getting wet like!!

That's all for now..great that i can finally post videos on my blog! *yay* Off for now..back when i have something interesting to blog bout..muacks...

xx Mira xx

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"The Bachelor"

Well actually im kinda bored at home today..cousin went to wedding..mum and dad malas nak keluar so im stuck at home..haizzz..but oh well at least ive my laptop for company..*lol*

So what shall i blog bout today,i was thinking of doin a blog bout the subject of "CUT WIRE" & BLOCK AND DELETE" but i guess i shall keep that for later use..for now i wanna blog in bout the this show that ive been watching at youtube "The Bachelor " Mediacorp only take the 1st few seasons of it :( I still remember watching the 1st ever season of "The Bachelor" that Alex guy decided to choose this girl with big boobs over this sweet loving Trista..poor thing but somehow she managed to become the 1st ever lady to be on the show "The Bachelorette" and now's happily married with 2 kids with her chosen man a fireman :) And the last i heard alex is no longer with that lady..well girls always make the right decisons..!! She's the only one that has a lasting marriage cos the other guys and girls on the bachelor and the bachelorette..end up separate from each other after a few mths..too bad!

So currently im watching is season 14 of "The Bachelor" and he's such a cutieeeeeeeee!! 31 yr old Jake..a pilot..i loike! He 1st appeared the last season of "the Bachelorette" but got send home just before one of the home dates :( Few wks after he called the producer of the show asking him whether he could back to the show just to inform Jillian (the bachelorette) that among the 5 guys remain..there's this one guy who is not sincere with her and that he actually had a gf back sweet..and i guess cos of him being so honest and so sweet..being such an American boy with blue eyes and blonde hair..americans voted him to be the next Bachelor so *yay* Ive always like him when he was in the "bachelorette"

It's now only the 2nd episode now..i really cant wait to for him to pick his choice.hopefully he choose a nice girl..cos he did say he's s not here to find a gf..he's here to find a lady to get married and be his wife...aaw..leh cair tengok muka dia..such a romantic guy and he has an awesome body..ive yet to find a topless pic of

Sometimes i just wish it will be so nice to be in that position where u can choose over 25 guys to be ur lovelife...hahaha but i know that will never happened..*blueks*

Well im off now time check now it's 4pm...gonna watch this hindi movie on Vasantham..another cute guy on it Saif Ali Khan..a must must watch!!


xx Mira xx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am i high maintenance.-- not ! *lol*

Hhm..well actually i dont really have an idea what to blog bout today..seriously NOTHING! but my blog looks so pathetic with only 2 posts..haha So anyway got a call from mum( im at my cousin's place now) just now that my birthday package from my dutch online friend Sabina has arrived..she told me in her email i might getting my presents late this yr cos she's kinda busy with her newborn baby Fien who is now 3 mths old and that the snow was really thick during xmas that she cant really get out from her house :)

Oh what i that high maintenance??? I dont think i am..cos as far as im concern,those high maintenance ppl are those who go for branded at posh hotels..branded cosmetic..handbag and always have to look their best with the best stuffs! Well as for me,i dont mind if the stuffs are cheap as long as it looks good on me and if it looks expensive on me and im comfy with it. Cos sometimes not all expensive looks good..seriously! Cos if u look at china silk which is suppposed to be an expensive material and u compare it with those laces material that are being sold at arab sure the laces looks more expensive. even if the prices are a lot lower of those silk.That's what i feel! *lol* Cos for me laces have more varieties..i like things that blings and that that high maintenance?? haha maybe??!? but i dont think so..

Sometimes $2 stuffs can look good..for ex..those sticks on cute stuffs that u stick at the back of ur phone..i'll attach a pic in a while..well ive been wanting to get that for my phone but at that time the cost of asking ppl to do that is around $65..but now those exact stuffs are selling at some shops at only less then $10..see get what i meant..u dont have to spent much to look good. U just have to be very clever in buying things that actually will look expensive on u and ppl will go wow..where did she get that!! *lol*

With flash (L) Without flash (R)
My cute sticks on at the back of my LG phone

In goin out on a date,seriously i dont really like goin to those non aircon food shops..not that im the high maintenance type but even when im out with my family,i dont like feeling hot cos when im hot i sweat and when i sweat i dont look good.How would ur date feel if they're eating with u and u sweat like tak glam!!! But seriously fast food also aircon what! And its affordable right??? haizzzz...cos i happened to know this guy and he's totally the opposite of me..and know i dunno and still confused in whether i should meet him or not since his tastes and my tastes are not the same.And what bothered me the most is the fact that when i asked him whether he would like it if one day if i were go out with him and i bring along my best friend and her he allright with it..his answer was..he cant promise me and i asked if he like it.he said nope..not in favour *rolls eyes* Cos for me and i have said this to my best friend dee b4..if i were to get attached..i would really love it if my bf can get along with my family and the best part is if he get along great with my besties Dee and Ry..cos no matter my family and friends will always be a part of i'll just have to wait for thur to see how this guy turns out to be like...
Ok myra signing off now..

Monday, January 4, 2010

ION Orchard Swensens ice cream buffet

Date : 1st Jan 2010
Time : 3++ pm

This plan was supposed to be on xmas day but myself and Ry was sick so the date's being carried forward on 1st Jan 2010 :) My 2nd time exploring ION and my 1st having ice cream buffet. Love the place..and totally loving the varieties of ice cream flavours,toppings,and the cakes *yummy* Too bad lah i didnt try much of the stuffs there cos after eating their large portions of chocolate cakes,i kinda feel full and too lazy to get up to have other stuffs..haha
So anyway it's $18.90 ++ per person and if u have a course meal + the ice cream buffet it will costs u $12.90 ++ :)

After all that,initial plan was to go bowling but since it was raining we just jalan2 around takashimaya and..snap pics here and there and find place to ...... open my presents!!

Totally loving my bday card and the presents...cute cute stuffs! i loike! Thanks dee!

Well that's all for now..Happy 2010!! :)

Loadsa loves

xx Myra xx

1st entry of 2010

Well well i hope this works,ive been blogging in friendster but i ran out of space and then i went to multiply..well im still blogging in there and now im in here..:) My bestie dee had an account in here and i tot why not i create an account in here as well so we can comment on each other posts and stuffs :)
If this works..i might transfer my multiply blog in here or i think im just gonna start a new blog page for the yr 2010 :)
Loadsa loves
xx Myra xx