Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My niece makeover for the 3rd time :)

This blog was meant to be on lat friday but since ive been talking and msn-ing and web-chatting with HIM...seems like i cant really do much whenever im online *lol* Reason being whenever im online me and HIM will always be on msn and be web chatting with each other..just staring and looking and smiling at each other and chat of cos ah..haha So i cant really do anything else..lol There's a really really DEEP SECRET that he told me and i was really shocked and it made the both of us cry that night..haizzzzzzzzz..will blog bout HIM soon..

So anyway yeah last friday..my niece Sabrina had her makeover for the 3rd yr in a row..wow!! Her 1st was when she was 3 yrs old.6 and and already had 3 makeover..me 28 yrs old..i havent even have one makeover!! *lol* Well her pic will be really in 3 wks time so current pic that im gonna post now is not a nice one of her lah..hehe So when ive received the pic..will scan it and blog bout it :)
As always her makeover is at Decharacter http://decharacter.com/home.htm Purvis St..behind Raffles Hotel. She had 2 costume..mainly of a fairytale theme. One in yellow and the other white angel with wings.Her makeover took bout 2 hrs..me and sis had a hard time choosing the best pics to be developed cos there's sooooooo many to choose from.So hopefully the finally result will be great!

Right after her makeover..we went to Swensens Ion Orchard for the ice cream buffet. It was great as always but i realised that the ice cream flavours werent that much like the 1st time i went with dee..:( As always self shot below..hehe
Oh well..so yeah that's all for today...below is just a pic i took somewhere along raffles hotel..tot the background kinda match my niece outfit and her sunglass..just edit a lil text for fun..haha I actually had a pose like that as well with my shades on but tak menjadi cos there;s so many ppl passing by there..so malu ah...lol

Mmmmuaahhhhhh xxxx

Monday, March 22, 2010

Disney On Ice Presents A Disneyland Adventure

Last Sat 20th March 2010,sis my niece and myself went to watch Disney On Ice presents a disneyland adventure at the indoor stadium! It's our 2nd..the 1st was lt yr that was Disney On Ice presents Disney Princess..i love love both shows!

So anyway i didnt quite enjoy the 1st part of the show altho i did take quite a couple of good shots .After 2 yrs++ using my sony cybershot i finally realised the function to actually took pics in concerts *lol* Cos the last time when i went to disney princess the pics didnt turn out that sharp..lol selenge! Anyway i wasnt enjoying the 1st 20mins of the show not cos the show wasnt good..but my stupid hp suddenly got hang and i couldnt figure to open the cover..haizzzz..but in the end sis manage to open it..and after that well i manage to enjoy the show..left hand with the camera and the other hand with my hp to record some videos *lol*

Basically the show is bout mickey minnie daisy donald pluto and goofy going to fantasyland,spaceland adventureland and having the time of their life getting to meet alice in wonderland,the pirates,stitch,cinderella,buzz lightyear ..chip n dale and loads more i cant remember *lol*

They happend to came across the evil maleficient ( from sleeping beauty) at one the castle and she cast a spell on donald and minnie putting them to sleep:( So the rest seek help from "The Incredibles" ( i never really see any of their cartoons tho) but i like their characters..normal ppl with superpowers..nice! So as always in every fairy tale,to break a sleeping spell u need to have the kiss from someone who loves you so mickey and daisy did that and donald and minnie woke up.I love this part cos after donald woke up daisy being so mentel kept kissing and hugging and dancing donald..cute seh!! They ended the show with a song "Dancing the Street"

Aahh..bila agaknye i can go to HK disneyland and meet them in person! *lol* Well actually kan i already did long long time ago when i was bout 9 or 10..that was the 1st time disney character came to singapore and they came to world trade centre..hehe i think if the time i wanna look for the pictures :) So anyway for now just enjoy this pic..hehe

Mmmmuaahhhh... xxx

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back from my holidays..

This post was in my draft since tues but since i was feeling kinda sick i postponed it today..im still have a slight running nose and a lil cough :( Oh well here goes...

Hey hey..me back at home but im sick now :( Oh well hopefully it'll go away soon cos this sat i'll be goin to disney on ice show with my niece and cousin :-)

Anyway today update is gonna be all bout my trip to Palace of the Golden horse.Honestly i didnt really enjoy the trip that much ah..cos quite a couple of unpleasant thing happend and pics taken werent that nice and i actually didnt like the color of my hair..looked soooo black it's supposed to be chocolate brown..i missed my light brown hair *sobs*

Started the trip on sat around 5am..all the way to busu house 1st at malacca..stayed there for a night and then off to KL the next day (Sunday around 9.30am) had breakfast at makhota parade and then off to Palace of the Golden horse. We reached there around 3pm and terus checked in..was totally impressed with the lobby and the whole horse themed decorations which includes lamp and chairs and carpet.toiletries! Wow!

Anyway like i said there's quite a couple of unpleasant thing that happened so the 1st being...

1) Abang Raymie had to go back on that sunday itself cos of work( leave not approve on mon) so kesian right..nak enjoy2 then have to go back..so on sun evening he went back to SG with his wife and monday itself after work he drive in to KL again so at least dpt jgk stay at that hotel..altho for a short while :)

2) Sis almost lost her wallet full of cash..credits card and personal id after our breakfast on the 1st day on Monday. U see on Monday itself after our breakfast we decided to bring the kids swimming..but b4 that we went to the lobby toilet 1st. Sis only realised her wallet was missin upon reaching the pool that was like 20mins later..:( So went back to the lobby..da lah the palace sooooooooo big...nak pegi one place to another punyalah jauh..naik turun tangga..and it's soooo freaking hot pulak tu..haizzzzz...luckily her wallet is still at the toilet..maybe cos not much really used that toilet..phewwwwwwwwww!

3) Got lost while goin to mines shopping mall!! Da lah abg raymie nak balik cepat on that sunday..but since everyone's kinda feeling hungry..we all decided to makan 1st at that mall..took almost 45mins to reached our destination..by that time it's getting dark.. ( it's supposed to be just 1omins ride) Haizzzz...well tak boleh nak salahkan sape cos afterall it's everyone 1st trip there so bound to get lost somewhere kan..:P

TO BE CONTINUED...............

Continued on Fri 20th march 2010

Apart from that..altho it wasnt such an enjoyable trip..it was still allright..lucky the room's quite big..tido pun best!! lol

Maybe i wasnt such in a good mood during that trip or maybe the fact that my niece is sick and everyone including myself got soooo worried..but i must say i dunno i will return to that hotel or not eh..i would say i still prefer Hotel Istana.One thing i didnt really like bout Palace of the golden horse is that it's sooooo far from everywhere!! The only nearest mall is of their own Mines Shopppin Mall which cost us bout RM 15 to go there..so for those who wants to just relax there it is a good hotel but for those who wants to venture KL city..petaling street..masjid India..Mid valley mana2 ah..then better stay some other hotels..and a must must must try is of cos again Hotel Istana!! *lol* Cos it's soooo convenient to find food..tak lapar..mlm2 nak gi makan pun senang..hehe

So anyway im off now,i'll be goin Disney on Ice Adventure with my cousin and niece later..will blog bout it later 2nite if it's interesting..hehe


xx Myra xx

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Away for the weekend..

It's 2 am now and i just finished packing my stuffs for the trip early morning! Gonna start the trip around 5am ++and ive only less then 3 hrs of sleep..*blueks* So where am i heading to..

Palace of the Golden Horse KL

Finally jejak jugak me pat that hotel cos normally if i passed by Tol Sungai Besi,i always wonder bila agaknye eh can stay pat that hotel..hehe Cos i heard it's a 6 star hotel?? Dunno eh..lol Loads of celebs and royalties stayed there b4 :) Wonder how's the room's like..hope it's not gonna be a dissapointing trip..so im off now..be back on Tues with nice pics i hope. So have a great weekened everyone!


xx Myra xx

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Im sooooooooo glad that the new episodes of 90210 is back! Ive been waiting for mths! The last time i watched it,the episode just ended like so sudden and i tot that the website that ive been watching it online didnt upload the episodes anymore but actually the season ended so now it's back and i got to see the hunky Matt Lanter!! *lol*

Im sooooo hoping that Liam ( Matt Lanter) continue his relationship with Naomi! Anyway u can watch the new episodes from Youtube..90210 season 2 episode 13 but ive been watching it from season one from http://www.yidio.com/show/90210 .There are other shows as well such as Cougor town,gossip girl..desperatie housewives..etc..so check it out and enjoy! Below are the 2 hunks in 90210 left ( Matt Lanter) and right i dunno what's his name but he played the characted Teddy! If i got the time i will blog bout the cast and characters from 90210 :)

Here's the promo trailer from season 2 episode 13..enjoy~

xx Myra xx

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Saturday..

Im sooooo sleepy now so this is just gonna be a short one as always just an update of my day out on a sunday. Well for the 1st time,i finally went to City Square Mall near farrer park mrt! Been wanting to go there since like forever.It's quite big ah..altho i didnt really manage to explore the place but seeing from the directory,they have most of the fastfoods..even to breeks and seoul garden..bestnye! Wow! But since i had my meal at Arnolds earlier..so kinda full to have anything else. I just went to metro..and mini bits and some kids store..hehe Didnt even manage to snap any pics! Oh btw i love their cotton on shop..besar!! We do have cotton-on shop at JP but it's quite small ah..not that im really a fan of cotton on..but i just like looking at their stuffs..mcm teringat nak try their fashion..hehe

So anyway back from there we had out supper at Makanshiok Jurong west and i happened to see this guy..he look soooooo familiar and after some time..i realise eh..budak anugerah Ize Sulaiman..one of my fav guys in anugerah..too bad he didnt make it..*blueks* He look good in person..haha So anyway i found out his facebook and msg him..for fun...see whether he reply me or not cos im pretty sure that he saw me..hahaha

K time for bed now..nytess..


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Hey Hey!

Im such in a mood of blogging nowadays..dunno why..haha So anyway today's topic is bout magazine! I love reading magazines..back then it was teens..teenage..GO..Female..Lime..loads more but since i wasnt really into fashion back then..my favs were of cos those US/UK entertainment mags such as Smash Hits,TOTP,Live & Kicking..etc.. So now i found my love in COSMOPOLITAN magazine ( malaysia edition),It's sorta of a bit like Cleo but lot better.hehe Been reading it since a yr ago and i love it a lot!! Just that i didnt really manage to buy every issue cos it's not like everyday i went into JB right..*lol*

What i like about COSMO :

1) Nice cover..attractive colors combination (mostly in pink) with great headlines. Ppl always say never judge a book by its cover but i always do!! *lol* I buy and read mag only if the cover looks cute and has interesting details on the cover.Same goes with perfume..what attracts me 1st is the bottle then the smell..haha

2) Great tips on almost everything..the ins and the outs,relationships,exercises,how do u apply make etc..and it's all very simplified..i loike :)

3) I love the latest scoops they have on the perfumes and cosmetics and the fashion statement by the malaysian celebs!

4) Oh and whatever things they have in there,like all the stuffs that are being featured are there 1st before it arrives here in singapore so i basically know what things to be looking forward for here especially Rimmel and Maybelline products! Im in love with Rimmel now! *lol*

5) Hhhmm what else oh and i love love the cute hunks they sometimes featured in their columns..lol

I know know most of the stuffs i mentioned can be found in other fashion magazines ryte?? But what the heck..i love Cosmo now! If only they have the Singapore version..do they?? Not that i know off tho?? If they did..woah..where have u been living??? hahaha Cos those that i know are from the US i think?? hehe

So anyway that's bout all for today..if im not that lazy i'll be blogging out interesting facts that i got from Cosmo Feb Valentine issue!


xx Myra xx

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hi tea on Sunday

Just a short entry for 2day! M family and i went in to JB and had our hi-tea as always at Mutiara Hotel Jb yesterday! The last time we went there was during one of the fasting mth and that was like 7tmths back? As always totally loving their food and desserts..!!

Everyone enjoyed their food..even my nephew shaun had his chicken porridge there..wah..kecik2 dah pegi hi-tea..hehe below are some pics i took of him..some of his candid moments..hehe

Picture of the day : Me and Shaun..hehe

Well that's all for now..off to bed ..getting really really sleepy..toodles..