Tuesday, May 25, 2010

22nd may 2010 - 1st for everything..

Well well..i just finished emailing my bff diana and now im blogging,im just in the mood in typing today.I guess cos 5ruz is sleeping and i can just do anything online without chatting with him *lol*

So anyway on the 22nd May 2010 i went to Golden Village Yishun with 5ruz and watched the new Hritik roshan movie "KITES" It's bout a love story between an indian man and a mexican lady.They fall in love eventho they totally dont understand each other at all cos of the language barrier.It's my 1st time watching a hindi movie at a cinema..hehe
It was an awesome show,not the typical kinda hindi movie cos of the scenes,the storyline and mainly cos the lady is a latina so u kinda feel like it's sorta of like an english movie. Hritik Roshan looks soooooooooooo good in that movie!

Thanks to 5ruz who suggested me to watch "KITES" cos i initally i wanna watched "THE LAST SONG" :)

After the show ended,we went for drive thru Mcdonalds somewhere near Yishun..it was his 1st drive thru and he didnt really know where to order...haha so we ended up making a round turn 2x..lol and he asked me what to say what to talk..cos he tot he was suppsoed to press a button etc..cute!! Had my mcspicy and my shaker fries and we talked for hrs in the car..it was such a simple date..i like it! It was my 1st time wearing a dress goin out in a date.It was my 1st date/drive thru/eating mcdonalds in the car *lol* I seriouly dont mind doin it again...haha..

Oh and btw 5ruz bought me a cute gift...he knows i love pink..he get a really cute pink carebear,a cute teddy bear card and a really unique rotating photo frame with our pics in it which im gonna bedazzled soon. That was soooooooooo sweet of him! i named the bear 5ruzyra...hahaa..

Hhmm what else..i guess that's bout all for now..hehe
xx Mira xx

xx Mira xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My date with...

Well 6th may 2010..the date that ive been waiting for the past 2 mths..hehe Nah..not my bday not my wedding day nort my engagement..that one still hmmm dunno yet...hahaa but it's my date with Mr 5ruz! hehe

After knowing him for bout 2mths from tagged we decided to meet up on the 6th may 2010..intial plan was on the 2oth may 2010 but since we both were so eager to meet each other we decided to carry 4ward the date..lol

Anyway a lil bit bou 5ruz..he's 31...bday on the 5th dec..i love december guys cos well im december baby too! lol He;s such a nice guy..such a sweetheart..love the time when we always webcam with each other on msn almost everynight..hehe Maybe cos i love his smile mcm so sincere..hehe

So 6th may,he fetched me..and guess what..he was early and when he called..i sorta of like..oie..i lum mandi..mana sempat in 30mins to siap...hahahahah oh well wadever..he said it's allright take ur time..he dont mind waiting..hehe..he ever told me b4 that he's always on time and always punctual whenever he meet his friend..so padanlah muka i..never on time whenever i meet diana..hehehe

The moment i saw him..im like aaah..he look so cute with his shades on..altho he's kinda big sized but since the chemistry has always been there from the very beginning that i knew him,i didnt mind at all..hehe

Off we went to Causeway Pt..had our lunch at Breeks..sat there for bout 1hr ++ eat and talk2..and off we go for out show "Backup Plan" at Cathay 3.05pm :p It was nice movie..and Jennifer Lopez is great as always...i really enjoyed watching that movie with Fairuz..for a moment i felt that we were a couple *lol*

Since we really didnt have anywhere else to go,we decided to just go to Mcdonalds and have our dessert there..he had his Horlicks Mcflurry and i had my usual hot fudge sundae..hehe Afterwards we spend the time taking pics in the car at Causeway pt carpark..spend almost 6hrs++ there..my longest time there lol

Overall it was a nice 1st date..a get to know more bout each other kinda date..the usual chit chatting..chill..im glad that he did drive so at least if we have no the plans we can just hang out in the car which we did *lol* Im hoping to have a proper date with him soon when he's a lot better :)

That's all for now...
xx Myra xx

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well this entry is gonna be a pretty short one..i had a weirdest dream..dunno if it's weird..funny or exciting or cute..i guess it's all in one...haha The dream was that...i went to a westlife concert with my cousin and of cos my beloved BFF diana..but one thing i find that it's weird..the westlife lads are all dressed in ORANGE?? Seriously orange????? Was i thinking bout him?? Him as in MR SATRIA RAZERY..my beloved other "BFF" ...haha he's not gonna read my blog anyway i can mentioned his name here..so again was i thinking bout him??? NOT! It's been a while since me and diana really talked bout satria..hehe so why orange..issit a sign that he's thinking bout me and diana...yeah right...hahahaha ..It was really funny tho..i was really really suprised that westlife chose orange suits to open their concert...*LOLOLOLOLOL* So dee..what do u think??? I mcm geli hati seh i mimpi mcm gitu..well i dream pasal westlife on kian's bday seh...his bday on the 28th april kan? or was it 29th april? hehe

K lah me off to bed now...ciaozzzzzzzzz...

xx Myra xx