Monday, June 28, 2010

Carebear themed Sunday

Im sooooooooo sleepy now..maybe 2 much nasi minyak and ayam masak merah..been eating that since yesterday *lol* So too much cholestrol makes my body like sooooo lemah...*blueks* Really need to lose weight..hehe

Anyway yesterday 27th June 2010,i invite Fairuz over to my cousin's house. The occasion is..well nothing..just saje2 wanna invite him over and meet my mak long. I asked long to cook nasi minyak and ayam masak merah since it's been soooooooooo long since i last had her ayam masak merah..yummy! My niece well as always whenever there's like a makan2 kinda occasion..she'll be like the one wanting to have cakes and balloons...*lol* And so we had a carebear cake/cupcakes,high school musical balloon and table a way da mcm bday celebration..i loike! i love it cos of the carebears..cutesy!hehe

Fairuz decided to bring his lil brother Amirul over cos he's quite shy just by coming alone..hehe Well i dont mind and neither to my family afterall amirul knows a lot bout why not i just kenal2 sekali with him right. Such a sweet/cute guy..easy to get along with me and my family..very nice guy and like the baik2 kinda brother..nice:) Oh and halfway thru the event..his middle brother Kamarul came as well cos initially he just wanna fetched his 2 brothers but mcm tak nice right so my decided to ask him to come up :) was kinda like a reunion..from one i get to meet his other brother Kamarul :) Afterall if it's fated for me to be with Fairuz..his other brothers wil be my brothers jgk pe..*lol*

Overall it was a nice sunday..i had a great time with them and so did they..glad that mum and dad get along with them..but most of the time it was my niece who's seeking alll the attention with her normal anyway pics below :)

(L-R) Fairuz,Amirul and Kamarul

Well that's all for now..really need to have a nap cos later at 6 im gonna be meeting with cuz to buy barbie stuffs for my niece bday party in aug..ciaoz for now..muacks..

xx Myra xx

xx Myra xx

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Bday Mum n Long

It was mum's and long bday on the 23rd June. Born on the same date but of cos diff year.hehe Usually every yr we never really celebrated their bday..cos they didnt really like's just the normal masak2 at home..on a different date and sometimes i and sis bought cakes for them and we ate most of it cos Mum and Long's not a fan of cakes...hehehe

But yesterday my cousin decided why not this yr we go to swensens cos afterall they both will be getting firehouse complimentary from swensens and so for bday dinner yesterday we went to Swensens JP. As always i had my chicken baked rice. and my Coit Tower...oh and i found out that there's a new dish "Spicy Fish Baked Rice"..the next time im so gonna try that one! hehe
Once again Happy Bday Ibu n Long *muacks*

So what else speaking of bday..last wk i meet diana and passed her bday presents. We went City Sq Mall and hang out at Burger King.Had a great time with her..talking and gossipping..hahaha.. I got her this really cute BFF bear,necklace from Chomel..Rimmel eyeshadow in a really cute pink box..hehe Glad that she likes it...hehe

Im so gonna return to that mall cos it's like so relaxed and huge and there's lots of places to eat and chill :)

Well that's all for to bed now...muacks...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lunch-ing at Popeye & Cathay Amk Hub

Last Tuesday, 5ruz and myself went to see A-team at AMK hub.It was my 1st time there..mcm so jakun..i never really explore the northern part of spore only good with the western side...hahaha

So anyway initial plan was to watch Furry Vengeance and then i changed to Karate Kid but then i kinda feel that it's always me deciding what movies to watch, u know it has always been my this time i decided to asked him to choose instead and he decided to watch A-team and i didnt really mind cos i watched the trailer and it was not bad. It was seriously NOT THAT BAD! i really enjoyed watching that movie..!! Some parts of it was really funny especially from Captain Murdock..he made that show damn funny! I watched it cos there's Bradley Cooper..he watched it cos of Jessica Biel...hahaha Overall i had a nice time watching it with Fairuz :) The next movie to be looking forward for is of cos "ECLIPSE"!!!!!!!

After the movie ended,we headed towards Popeye and have our lunch there! I was hungry that i totally forgotten to take pics of the food....hahaha Ended up for almost 2 hrs there talking and talking and taking each other

So yeah that's bout all for looking forward for the next date...hahahaha
Muacks xoxo

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ry 30th suprised bday celebration

8th june 2010

The day that myself and diana are gonna have a suprised bday celebration for Ry! I met diana at Raffles City and off we went to take Ry bday balloon! It was huge and i really love love it altho it has King for a day printed on the balloon but still it kinda matched my top and it's cute! *lol*

We had the bday celebration/dinner at the Manhattan Fish @ Marina Sq.Aziz and Azira were there as well to join in with the bday celebration.It was everyone 1st time there.I had my fish n chips. The food taste not that bad..i love their huge portions and love love their fries!! But overall i still love my swensens...hahaha I did have a really great time that night.It was indeed a nice suprised bday celebration for Ry! Once again Happy Bday Ry!


Do the Barbie Dance

Seems like in June there's a lot of events for me...haha..and i didnt even blog bout a single one so anyway since today im in the mood on blogging..i shall blog bout each and every detail..1st the barbie dance.

2 wkeend niece Sabrina had a session to do the barbie dance at Jitterbugs Dance Studio at the Cathay.It was my 1st time there. Im not so sure how she got the dance but i guess it might be from one of her Barbie Makeover at Takshimaya last yr :) 1st 50 barbie fans are being chosen to attend this exclusive dance so my niece is one of the lucky fans! *yay*

Anyway intially i tot she would be out of place when she's in the dance studio but suprisingly she did well and she totally enjoyed herself! The dance instructor even asked the other girls to follow her steps..hahah cute! They danced to the song " Barbie Girl " by the group's been sooooooo long since i last heard that song..hehe It was bout and hr ++ dance session.The dance was kinda cute i wish im inside that studio and dance along with!!

Signing out for now...up next...Ry 30th suprised bday celebration!
xx Myra xx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy tuesday..

It's such a nice weather to stay in..hehe such a cool day i loike! Anyway im so excited to meet up with diana later cos we're gonna have a suprised bday celebration for Ry! Must be fun! Im sooooooo gonna take lots of pics!!

Ciaoz for now..gonna be updating bout the date later 2nite if me not lazy..

xx Mira xx