Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch at Pizza hut

*Chak* hahaha crazy! I just dunno how to start my entry today..*lol* So chak will be cute! hahah

Anyway few days back i went out with Fairuz to VIVO.The date that were were really looking 4ward for but it turns out to be a stressful one..haizzzzzzzzzzz.. Altho it did started out ended well but the middle of it wasnt that good:( It was one of the days that we sorta have our bad issues for the FIRST time...cos we got lost at VIVO looking for the lobby carpark..i seriously cannot remember! Cos is not like always i went to VIVO by car and it's such a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee place!

We had a lil argument mainly bout him feeling so tired looking for it cos we had to walk all the way back to harbour front and me simply cannot remember where we so bingit aiyoh. i can see from his face that he was kinda mad ah but we both were at fault actually cos both didnt tak leh nak salahkan sape2..oh well..but on the hand the lunch date at Pizza Hut was nice and the time we spent talking in the car at night was great to so basically after a stressful glad that it did turned out well afterall.

Oh and btw we had the new pizza which i think is really yummy! I love the chicken balls! Sedap!!

Oh and yesterday he did fetched me and my cousin at Jurong Pt cos he was otw back from JB and since he da otw to return his friend's car at JW..he fetched me dulu ah. We talked a while at my cousin carpark..that was nice. Oh and finally i got to watch "The Last Song"..he got me that dvd since we kinda missed watching that movie that day :(

So that was it ah...2moz i'll be accompanying him to one of his good friends house. His friend Khafiz's having a cukur rambut for his 2nd baby son.I bought his son this really cute pair of baby shoes from FOX..shared it with 5ruz :) I wonder how's gonna be like meeting his friends for the 1st time *lol* Hopefully everything turns out well )

So what else eh..oh yeah really looking forward for Sabrina bday party this Sunday..cant wait!! hehe

So ciaoz for now..

xx Mira xx

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Shaun

Well last Sun 18th July,my nephew celebrated his 1st Bday at KFC somewhere at Taman Jurong. His bday actually falls on the 1st July but since Sherly was admitted to KK hospital few days b4 the bday due to food poisoning,the date was being carried 4ward to last Sun.

So anyway the party starts at 3pm,it rained heavily that day but oh well at least the guests that were supposed to come..they came despite the bad weather. It was a jungle themed bday so myself and sis were in leopard prints...hahaha..i was thinking of using a feathery hairband but da mcm over so i decided not to. *lol*

Well it all started with few games for the kids..the normal dancing here and there..that was fun! Shaun really wanted to join in cos wheneve the song was up..he kept jumping but too bad he wasnt strong enuff to join in! My nieces love the games cos they're very familiar with the song such as the songs from the Chipettes,Nobody but you and stuffs from High School musical. i enjoyed their song selections as well!

Next up, they served us the food..rested and eat for a while and in came Chicky!! I was soooooooo looking 4ward to meet Chicky..da mcm budak kecik! Well what's a bday at KFC for without having a pic taken with the mascot Chicky right??

So what else..hhmm overall it was a really fun bday..the party ended around 6pm and we headed to West Coast for our dinner!

I simply love bday themed bday that im really looking forward for is my niece Sabrina 6th bday at ION swensens.That will be a barbie themed bday..mostly pink glitz and glam themed i guess.Honestly i havent really look for my outfit..somehow i just cant find a hot pink outfit that fits me..hehe

Well gtg for now..once again HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY SHAUNMuacks..

xx Myra xx

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eclipse at Shaw

This entry was meant to be for few days back but i had diarrhoea for the past few days :(Well today im still feeling it but not much trips to the bathroom..if not 8-10times a days...haizzzzzzzzzzz....

So anyway on the 6th July 2010..i went and watched ECLIPSE with 5ruz..finally i get to watch it!! We decided to watched at Shaw CCK..2.15pm version..i dunno what's the difference but i guess it might be the color quality.I dont care as long as i can see edward clearly im totally fine!! lol

It was 5ruz 1st time watching the twilight saga..he didnt watched the 1st and the 2nd..but he quite like watching "Eclipse" and i explained some parts of it to him while watching like who's who..hehe Basically Eclipse is bout Victoria wanting a revenge at the Cullens and Bella for having his bf killed.So she decided to employ new vampires ( teens from detroit or was it seattle) whom they called the newbies.All hunger for blood but still quite weak on their physical strengths. So when the cullens find out what victoria was planning to do..they decided to co-operate with Jacob and their gangs of werewolves. Initially they were reluctant to do so but cos it's for protecting bella..they were willing to do anything :) I did enjoyed watching that movie.There were quite a number of kissing scenes between bella and edward and bella with jacob. Altho edward and bella were close i actually like the part when bella and jacob kissed! For some reasons..that kissed seems so full of passion..hehe After wathcing eclipse i would prefer if Bella was to chose Jacob but oh well..Edward proposed to Bella and she said yes! :)

5ruz is now a fan of Jacob..he loved his bod! *lol* Im now his bella and he's my Jacob..hahahaha So i decided to make him this pic..well of cos there's no but i tot the hairstyle is quite the same..hehe

Eclipse is quite a simple movie..compared to twilight and new moon..but if u wanna see Jacob topless..well eclipse is the one to watch out for! *lol* I guess the best might be Breaking Dawn cos i did read some interviews from the casts..they all prefer "Breaking Dawn" the most! I wonder what's the next one gonna be like :)

That's all for now..time to eat..ive not been having much appetite since i got sick..hopefully i can eat something full today..
xx Myra xx