Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Engagement

02.10.2010 was the day that i got engaged to Mr Fairuz Kamal..ceh! So anyways this wasnt a planned thing cos initialy my side didnt want to have this tunang2 thing cos afterall im getting married in bout 6mths time. But after much consideration, mum and dad decided to have one for me. Invitation are only for dad's family and mum's family in singapore je :)

Since it wasnt a planned thing, my cousin only have bout less then 2 wks to plan things. All thanks to her for making all the gubahan for the hantaran for both myself and Fairuz. Cos we didnt want like all those kek2 lembik from their side,we wanted something that's standardized so hence the same stuffs that we send to each other *lol* I send him the hantaran in yellow and he send me hantaran in green! For kak ina 1st time in doin this hantaran,im soooooooo impressed with her work..i love it so much! She's willing to do it for my wedding next yr *yay* Kesian dia sampai tido 4am on wkdays and had to wake up the next day to work..aaw But i did stayed up with her just to help sikit2..hehe

Hhm..oh and thanks to Rozie to for doin my make up that day, Initially i tot make up biasa sudah but then since da ada org nak make up so why not! All deck with her cosmoprof make up box,im made up with chanel,estee lauder,mac etc..hehehe i loike!

Above pic is with mum and dad

Im glad that everything turns out well,the food tasted nice,the cakes too..everyone came..too bad my bff dee couldnt make it that day.Im sure it'll be much more fun having her around and taking pics together..sure best! Oh well babe there's always my nikah and sanding kan kan kan :)

So as for now,everyone is looking forward for my wedding next yr *lol* Im kinda excited and nervous at the same time..nak kena slim down nie..hehe

Well im off now..and check out my boutique at Facebook.. *muacks*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jalan2 Raya

Finally after one wk of raya..i finally dpt jalan raya *yay* Rented car for the weekend and off we went to dad's side :)

It was such a hot day,i didnt really take much pics cos da tak kuasa cos i totally da takde mood to take pics when im hot! When it's at night,of cos da tak panas but by then muka i da tak fresh and so no point in take pics cos im sure it wont turn out well! lol

So on Sat,i 1st went to adel bridal to try on fairuz baju and im glad that the yellow songket fits him so well,his face glow! lol Guess yellow suits him too..nice..hehe Afterwards we went to geylang cos mum nak cari barang. Had our lunch there and off to Pak Ngah house somewhere in Redhill. Well we didnt actually pegi byk rumah that day tho :( and 5ruz wore black.We started our day earlier cos mmg da plan nak try to go to most of my dad's side. Mum and dad gi Ustaz Ahmad Dahri open house dulu at Wdlands. mak lang house in wdlands,then off to Yishun..and then to potong pasir and toa payoh! Itu pun ada 2 rumah that we wanted to go but no one's home so next yr sudah! lol

End off the day having our dinner at KFC taman jurong..hehe

Im kinda enjoying this yr raya cos ive got someone special to spend raya with..hehe Altho baju kite tak se matching mane but i'll have him matched with mine next raya! lol Next wk im off to Malacca and KL with my family and Fairuz's coming along as looking forward for that!!

Well gonna log out now..more pics will be updated my FB!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010

For the 1st time i actually have someone to matched my baju kurung *lol* Cos normally i jealous tengok sis and juli pakai baju matching2 with their husbands..hehe

So anyway,my color theme for this yr is maroon and pink,i so badly wanna fairuz to wear pink but he didnt want to ah. But oh well i tak kisah sgt,so he got himself a black baju kurung and i carikan dia a matching pink/maroon samping to match with my baju kurung.I cant wait to see him like that!!

On the 1st day of raya i asked him to wear his orange kurta instead cos afterall he cuma pegi my house so like sayangkan nak pakai his black baju kurung. Also i actually have a matching orange baju kurung which ive already had in mind when he bought his orange kurta..hehe He actually look not bad at all in orange! I loike! lol
Well he came to my house around 2++ 2gether with amirul and qamarul. Had a nice glad that it didnt clash with any of my dad's side.So apa lagi when since there's only my mum side the usual ppl...we amik gambar here and there
So that's it ah for my 1st day..stayed home and waiting for my sedara to come..boring! But im glad that fairuz came..mcm happening sikit my 1st daya of raya! lol
2nd day..same thing..stayed home as well..just 2 family in the afternoon and the other one at night. So as always i cam whoring myself..i wore yellow that day..hahaha kesian aku amik gambar sendiri..tukar2 earings2 lagi ! hahahaha

Okielah..that's all for my blog 2nite..logging off now..nak watch TV..ciaoz!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010

Just as how i predicted from the very 1st start..Miss Mexico won Miss Universe 2010! *yay*

Watched it live earlier this morning :)

Mexico is 22 yr old Jimena Navarrete standing at 5ft 11.She's the 2nd Miss Universe after Miss Lupita Jones back in 1991..i can still remember tat lady! *lol* I actually never miss any of Miss Universe live shows..hehe Been watching it since i 1987 when it was 1st held in Singapore..hehe So anyway i love Miss Mexico red one strap flowing dress,her dress matched so well with the crown! She deserves the title. She kinda reminds me of Vannessa Hudges from High School Musical,even my lil niece agrees *lol*

Anyway my other fav is 19yr old Miss Australia who won Miss Congeniality and 2nd runner up..she's such a doll! She should have been 1st runner up instead of 2nd cos Miss Jamaica is so GEDIK! hahahahaha

Well gotta go now..gonna check my email..adios..

xx Muacks xx

Monday, August 16, 2010

Live signature

Saw from diana's blog that she has this cute signature at every entry of hers.I loike that idea! So i click on it and voila it brought me to Spend some time to really choose my favs..and i found one with cute lil hearts and i customize it in pink,if only i can make it glitters *lol* So im gonna apply the signature now and hopefully it works! hehe

P/S: Btw dee,if u're reading this,is there a shortcut to like applying the signature instead of like copy and paste the HTML???

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch at Pizza hut

*Chak* hahaha crazy! I just dunno how to start my entry today..*lol* So chak will be cute! hahah

Anyway few days back i went out with Fairuz to VIVO.The date that were were really looking 4ward for but it turns out to be a stressful one..haizzzzzzzzzzz.. Altho it did started out ended well but the middle of it wasnt that good:( It was one of the days that we sorta have our bad issues for the FIRST time...cos we got lost at VIVO looking for the lobby carpark..i seriously cannot remember! Cos is not like always i went to VIVO by car and it's such a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee place!

We had a lil argument mainly bout him feeling so tired looking for it cos we had to walk all the way back to harbour front and me simply cannot remember where we so bingit aiyoh. i can see from his face that he was kinda mad ah but we both were at fault actually cos both didnt tak leh nak salahkan sape2..oh well..but on the hand the lunch date at Pizza Hut was nice and the time we spent talking in the car at night was great to so basically after a stressful glad that it did turned out well afterall.

Oh and btw we had the new pizza which i think is really yummy! I love the chicken balls! Sedap!!

Oh and yesterday he did fetched me and my cousin at Jurong Pt cos he was otw back from JB and since he da otw to return his friend's car at JW..he fetched me dulu ah. We talked a while at my cousin carpark..that was nice. Oh and finally i got to watch "The Last Song"..he got me that dvd since we kinda missed watching that movie that day :(

So that was it ah...2moz i'll be accompanying him to one of his good friends house. His friend Khafiz's having a cukur rambut for his 2nd baby son.I bought his son this really cute pair of baby shoes from FOX..shared it with 5ruz :) I wonder how's gonna be like meeting his friends for the 1st time *lol* Hopefully everything turns out well )

So what else eh..oh yeah really looking forward for Sabrina bday party this Sunday..cant wait!! hehe

So ciaoz for now..

xx Mira xx

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Shaun

Well last Sun 18th July,my nephew celebrated his 1st Bday at KFC somewhere at Taman Jurong. His bday actually falls on the 1st July but since Sherly was admitted to KK hospital few days b4 the bday due to food poisoning,the date was being carried 4ward to last Sun.

So anyway the party starts at 3pm,it rained heavily that day but oh well at least the guests that were supposed to come..they came despite the bad weather. It was a jungle themed bday so myself and sis were in leopard prints...hahaha..i was thinking of using a feathery hairband but da mcm over so i decided not to. *lol*

Well it all started with few games for the kids..the normal dancing here and there..that was fun! Shaun really wanted to join in cos wheneve the song was up..he kept jumping but too bad he wasnt strong enuff to join in! My nieces love the games cos they're very familiar with the song such as the songs from the Chipettes,Nobody but you and stuffs from High School musical. i enjoyed their song selections as well!

Next up, they served us the food..rested and eat for a while and in came Chicky!! I was soooooooo looking 4ward to meet Chicky..da mcm budak kecik! Well what's a bday at KFC for without having a pic taken with the mascot Chicky right??

So what else..hhmm overall it was a really fun bday..the party ended around 6pm and we headed to West Coast for our dinner!

I simply love bday themed bday that im really looking forward for is my niece Sabrina 6th bday at ION swensens.That will be a barbie themed bday..mostly pink glitz and glam themed i guess.Honestly i havent really look for my outfit..somehow i just cant find a hot pink outfit that fits me..hehe

Well gtg for now..once again HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY SHAUNMuacks..

xx Myra xx

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eclipse at Shaw

This entry was meant to be for few days back but i had diarrhoea for the past few days :(Well today im still feeling it but not much trips to the bathroom..if not 8-10times a days...haizzzzzzzzzzz....

So anyway on the 6th July 2010..i went and watched ECLIPSE with 5ruz..finally i get to watch it!! We decided to watched at Shaw CCK..2.15pm version..i dunno what's the difference but i guess it might be the color quality.I dont care as long as i can see edward clearly im totally fine!! lol

It was 5ruz 1st time watching the twilight saga..he didnt watched the 1st and the 2nd..but he quite like watching "Eclipse" and i explained some parts of it to him while watching like who's who..hehe Basically Eclipse is bout Victoria wanting a revenge at the Cullens and Bella for having his bf killed.So she decided to employ new vampires ( teens from detroit or was it seattle) whom they called the newbies.All hunger for blood but still quite weak on their physical strengths. So when the cullens find out what victoria was planning to do..they decided to co-operate with Jacob and their gangs of werewolves. Initially they were reluctant to do so but cos it's for protecting bella..they were willing to do anything :) I did enjoyed watching that movie.There were quite a number of kissing scenes between bella and edward and bella with jacob. Altho edward and bella were close i actually like the part when bella and jacob kissed! For some reasons..that kissed seems so full of passion..hehe After wathcing eclipse i would prefer if Bella was to chose Jacob but oh well..Edward proposed to Bella and she said yes! :)

5ruz is now a fan of Jacob..he loved his bod! *lol* Im now his bella and he's my Jacob..hahahaha So i decided to make him this pic..well of cos there's no but i tot the hairstyle is quite the same..hehe

Eclipse is quite a simple movie..compared to twilight and new moon..but if u wanna see Jacob topless..well eclipse is the one to watch out for! *lol* I guess the best might be Breaking Dawn cos i did read some interviews from the casts..they all prefer "Breaking Dawn" the most! I wonder what's the next one gonna be like :)

That's all for now..time to eat..ive not been having much appetite since i got sick..hopefully i can eat something full today..
xx Myra xx

Monday, June 28, 2010

Carebear themed Sunday

Im sooooooooo sleepy now..maybe 2 much nasi minyak and ayam masak merah..been eating that since yesterday *lol* So too much cholestrol makes my body like sooooo lemah...*blueks* Really need to lose weight..hehe

Anyway yesterday 27th June 2010,i invite Fairuz over to my cousin's house. The occasion is..well nothing..just saje2 wanna invite him over and meet my mak long. I asked long to cook nasi minyak and ayam masak merah since it's been soooooooooo long since i last had her ayam masak merah..yummy! My niece well as always whenever there's like a makan2 kinda occasion..she'll be like the one wanting to have cakes and balloons...*lol* And so we had a carebear cake/cupcakes,high school musical balloon and table a way da mcm bday celebration..i loike! i love it cos of the carebears..cutesy!hehe

Fairuz decided to bring his lil brother Amirul over cos he's quite shy just by coming alone..hehe Well i dont mind and neither to my family afterall amirul knows a lot bout why not i just kenal2 sekali with him right. Such a sweet/cute guy..easy to get along with me and my family..very nice guy and like the baik2 kinda brother..nice:) Oh and halfway thru the event..his middle brother Kamarul came as well cos initially he just wanna fetched his 2 brothers but mcm tak nice right so my decided to ask him to come up :) was kinda like a reunion..from one i get to meet his other brother Kamarul :) Afterall if it's fated for me to be with Fairuz..his other brothers wil be my brothers jgk pe..*lol*

Overall it was a nice sunday..i had a great time with them and so did they..glad that mum and dad get along with them..but most of the time it was my niece who's seeking alll the attention with her normal anyway pics below :)

(L-R) Fairuz,Amirul and Kamarul

Well that's all for now..really need to have a nap cos later at 6 im gonna be meeting with cuz to buy barbie stuffs for my niece bday party in aug..ciaoz for now..muacks..

xx Myra xx

xx Myra xx

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Bday Mum n Long

It was mum's and long bday on the 23rd June. Born on the same date but of cos diff year.hehe Usually every yr we never really celebrated their bday..cos they didnt really like's just the normal masak2 at home..on a different date and sometimes i and sis bought cakes for them and we ate most of it cos Mum and Long's not a fan of cakes...hehehe

But yesterday my cousin decided why not this yr we go to swensens cos afterall they both will be getting firehouse complimentary from swensens and so for bday dinner yesterday we went to Swensens JP. As always i had my chicken baked rice. and my Coit Tower...oh and i found out that there's a new dish "Spicy Fish Baked Rice"..the next time im so gonna try that one! hehe
Once again Happy Bday Ibu n Long *muacks*

So what else speaking of bday..last wk i meet diana and passed her bday presents. We went City Sq Mall and hang out at Burger King.Had a great time with her..talking and gossipping..hahaha.. I got her this really cute BFF bear,necklace from Chomel..Rimmel eyeshadow in a really cute pink box..hehe Glad that she likes it...hehe

Im so gonna return to that mall cos it's like so relaxed and huge and there's lots of places to eat and chill :)

Well that's all for to bed now...muacks...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lunch-ing at Popeye & Cathay Amk Hub

Last Tuesday, 5ruz and myself went to see A-team at AMK hub.It was my 1st time there..mcm so jakun..i never really explore the northern part of spore only good with the western side...hahaha

So anyway initial plan was to watch Furry Vengeance and then i changed to Karate Kid but then i kinda feel that it's always me deciding what movies to watch, u know it has always been my this time i decided to asked him to choose instead and he decided to watch A-team and i didnt really mind cos i watched the trailer and it was not bad. It was seriously NOT THAT BAD! i really enjoyed watching that movie..!! Some parts of it was really funny especially from Captain Murdock..he made that show damn funny! I watched it cos there's Bradley Cooper..he watched it cos of Jessica Biel...hahaha Overall i had a nice time watching it with Fairuz :) The next movie to be looking forward for is of cos "ECLIPSE"!!!!!!!

After the movie ended,we headed towards Popeye and have our lunch there! I was hungry that i totally forgotten to take pics of the food....hahaha Ended up for almost 2 hrs there talking and talking and taking each other

So yeah that's bout all for looking forward for the next date...hahahaha
Muacks xoxo

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ry 30th suprised bday celebration

8th june 2010

The day that myself and diana are gonna have a suprised bday celebration for Ry! I met diana at Raffles City and off we went to take Ry bday balloon! It was huge and i really love love it altho it has King for a day printed on the balloon but still it kinda matched my top and it's cute! *lol*

We had the bday celebration/dinner at the Manhattan Fish @ Marina Sq.Aziz and Azira were there as well to join in with the bday celebration.It was everyone 1st time there.I had my fish n chips. The food taste not that bad..i love their huge portions and love love their fries!! But overall i still love my swensens...hahaha I did have a really great time that night.It was indeed a nice suprised bday celebration for Ry! Once again Happy Bday Ry!