Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Engagement

02.10.2010 was the day that i got engaged to Mr Fairuz Kamal..ceh! So anyways this wasnt a planned thing cos initialy my side didnt want to have this tunang2 thing cos afterall im getting married in bout 6mths time. But after much consideration, mum and dad decided to have one for me. Invitation are only for dad's family and mum's family in singapore je :)

Since it wasnt a planned thing, my cousin only have bout less then 2 wks to plan things. All thanks to her for making all the gubahan for the hantaran for both myself and Fairuz. Cos we didnt want like all those kek2 lembik from their side,we wanted something that's standardized so hence the same stuffs that we send to each other *lol* I send him the hantaran in yellow and he send me hantaran in green! For kak ina 1st time in doin this hantaran,im soooooooo impressed with her work..i love it so much! She's willing to do it for my wedding next yr *yay* Kesian dia sampai tido 4am on wkdays and had to wake up the next day to work..aaw But i did stayed up with her just to help sikit2..hehe

Hhm..oh and thanks to Rozie to for doin my make up that day, Initially i tot make up biasa sudah but then since da ada org nak make up so why not! All deck with her cosmoprof make up box,im made up with chanel,estee lauder,mac etc..hehehe i loike!

Above pic is with mum and dad

Im glad that everything turns out well,the food tasted nice,the cakes too..everyone came..too bad my bff dee couldnt make it that day.Im sure it'll be much more fun having her around and taking pics together..sure best! Oh well babe there's always my nikah and sanding kan kan kan :)

So as for now,everyone is looking forward for my wedding next yr *lol* Im kinda excited and nervous at the same time..nak kena slim down nie..hehe

Well im off now..and check out my boutique at Facebook.. *muacks*

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  1. LIKE!!
    Apasal Fairuz tak datang dalam baju melayu ehhhhh tak fair tau girls je kena susah payah make-up make-up and panas2 and whereas the guy amik senang je! hehe!