Monday, September 20, 2010

Jalan2 Raya

Finally after one wk of raya..i finally dpt jalan raya *yay* Rented car for the weekend and off we went to dad's side :)

It was such a hot day,i didnt really take much pics cos da tak kuasa cos i totally da takde mood to take pics when im hot! When it's at night,of cos da tak panas but by then muka i da tak fresh and so no point in take pics cos im sure it wont turn out well! lol

So on Sat,i 1st went to adel bridal to try on fairuz baju and im glad that the yellow songket fits him so well,his face glow! lol Guess yellow suits him too..nice..hehe Afterwards we went to geylang cos mum nak cari barang. Had our lunch there and off to Pak Ngah house somewhere in Redhill. Well we didnt actually pegi byk rumah that day tho :( and 5ruz wore black.We started our day earlier cos mmg da plan nak try to go to most of my dad's side. Mum and dad gi Ustaz Ahmad Dahri open house dulu at Wdlands. mak lang house in wdlands,then off to Yishun..and then to potong pasir and toa payoh! Itu pun ada 2 rumah that we wanted to go but no one's home so next yr sudah! lol

End off the day having our dinner at KFC taman jurong..hehe

Im kinda enjoying this yr raya cos ive got someone special to spend raya with..hehe Altho baju kite tak se matching mane but i'll have him matched with mine next raya! lol Next wk im off to Malacca and KL with my family and Fairuz's coming along as looking forward for that!!

Well gonna log out now..more pics will be updated my FB!



  1. Ur red baju nice! Mcm saree saree gitu kain dia! Neway ustaz nye open house tuu mcm pelamin je... hehehe

  2. actually tu mmg kain saree..beli pat haniffa textile then i buat mcm baju kurung..hehe Well ustaz nye open house tu every yr tau dia buat bwh blk siap ngan deco and pelamin!! Very on seh ustaz ahmad dahri..every yr sure baju matching2 ngan his wife..:P