Monday, September 13, 2010

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010

For the 1st time i actually have someone to matched my baju kurung *lol* Cos normally i jealous tengok sis and juli pakai baju matching2 with their husbands..hehe

So anyway,my color theme for this yr is maroon and pink,i so badly wanna fairuz to wear pink but he didnt want to ah. But oh well i tak kisah sgt,so he got himself a black baju kurung and i carikan dia a matching pink/maroon samping to match with my baju kurung.I cant wait to see him like that!!

On the 1st day of raya i asked him to wear his orange kurta instead cos afterall he cuma pegi my house so like sayangkan nak pakai his black baju kurung. Also i actually have a matching orange baju kurung which ive already had in mind when he bought his orange kurta..hehe He actually look not bad at all in orange! I loike! lol
Well he came to my house around 2++ 2gether with amirul and qamarul. Had a nice glad that it didnt clash with any of my dad's side.So apa lagi when since there's only my mum side the usual ppl...we amik gambar here and there
So that's it ah for my 1st day..stayed home and waiting for my sedara to come..boring! But im glad that fairuz came..mcm happening sikit my 1st daya of raya! lol
2nd day..same thing..stayed home as well..just 2 family in the afternoon and the other one at night. So as always i cam whoring myself..i wore yellow that day..hahaha kesian aku amik gambar sendiri..tukar2 earings2 lagi ! hahahaha

Okielah..that's all for my blog 2nite..logging off now..nak watch TV..ciaoz!

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