Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010

Just as how i predicted from the very 1st start..Miss Mexico won Miss Universe 2010! *yay*

Watched it live earlier this morning :)

Mexico is 22 yr old Jimena Navarrete standing at 5ft 11.She's the 2nd Miss Universe after Miss Lupita Jones back in 1991..i can still remember tat lady! *lol* I actually never miss any of Miss Universe live shows..hehe Been watching it since i 1987 when it was 1st held in Singapore..hehe So anyway i love Miss Mexico red one strap flowing dress,her dress matched so well with the crown! She deserves the title. She kinda reminds me of Vannessa Hudges from High School Musical,even my lil niece agrees *lol*

Anyway my other fav is 19yr old Miss Australia who won Miss Congeniality and 2nd runner up..she's such a doll! She should have been 1st runner up instead of 2nd cos Miss Jamaica is so GEDIK! hahahahaha

Well gotta go now..gonna check my email..adios..

xx Muacks xx

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