Friday, February 26, 2010


hmm..i just got back from JP with sis..we had our supper at Prata Wala 24hrs shop inside Jurong Pt itself..was totally empty by the time we finished our supper and off to Fair Price also ah shopping around this time cos not much ppl..haha..

So anyway what do i wanna update today..hhm let me see..well i think i shall blog bout Mr N *yawns* Well i know im supposed to forget bout him but i just can help it cos i always tend to check his facebook and reading all his shoutous..which sometimes i think he might refer his shoutouts to me..perasan!! So the latest was..

Hidup penuh dgn pengharapan.Cinta penuh dgn janji.Segalanya adalah b'satu.Harapan dn Janji,tp mampukah ianya bersinar andai merenung kenangan terindah dulu.Sdgkan di depan ada tp aura cinta Nya terlalu hebat utk ku lepaskan....

Me ke?? Harapan dan janji..well yeah always full of that..hhm..kenangan terindah dulu..hhmm maybe our 1st date..well jgn lah nak perasan ah mira..he might refer to someone else he knows..*blueks

2nd one

Tarikh yang dinantikan selama ini, akhirnya tiba juga.Sebulan sudah usia nye, mengharap pada suatu keindahan yang penuh pengharapan. Ya Allah, ku pohon rahmatmu agar kau buka hatinya kembali membina sebuah sinar yang sedang bergerlipan. Ya Ilahi, ku tak mampu tersesih sebegini dibiarkan aura cinta itu bergantung tanpa ...genggaman. Perkenankan kelahiran yang hampir sebulan ini bersinar kembali....

Hhhmm..sebulan sudah usia nye??!?! It couldnt be me right?? cos i know him long long time all those shouts out maybe bukan untuk me..maybe i cuma shiok sendiri..:P

Oh anyway Arab is back!! HAHAHAH! He video chat with me in msn yesterday night and he told me he's back in singapore,well since it;s a video call thingy he can see that i wasnt too excited bout it..haha it does really show in my face!! Well i know all along that he was lieing to me cos all the time he was in spore not in aust! Oh arab..i wonder what's gonna happened..i wonder if he will asked me out or not..haha

What else oh..i just found out this song " When i look at you" by Miley Cyrus and apparently that song is gonna be featured in her latest movie " The last Song" out next mth. It's from the creator of 'The Notebook","Message in a bottle" and "Walk to remember"

.I watched the trailer and it does look good! The guy that played her love interest in that movie is soooooo cuteeeeeeeee! His name is Liam! Im sooooo gonna watched that movie if it's out!! :) The trailer to the movie is below..
Well im off to bed now..nytes...

P.S : Just found out that Liam is only 19!! Wow!! 19?????????? That hot! hahaha

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bollywood ice skating

Eversince the Winter games 2010 is on,i never got the chance to watched any events..just manage to watch some highlights whenever dad switched between channels.So earlier on i was browsing thru youtube and i came across this video. Well ive always been a fan ice skating and bollywood! i just love to see the skater skating around the ring gracefully..lifting up each other..aaw..wish i could dance like that..haha

Maybe i shall try ice skating one day..too bad the ones in jurong entertainment centre is no longer there.So anyway back to this video,the dance routine is slightly different,they skated to a bollywood song which i think is really really unique!! Altho i must say that the make up didnt really suit the girl cos ive seen better make up on her other performances on youtube. The guy should have worn something in red to match the girl dress! Cos him in beige kinda looks a little dull but nonetherless i enjoyed that performance especially those after 2mins :) Enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

New layout

Im sooooo glad that i can finally add videos on my blog and a cbox..!! Well that's all that i wanna update b4 me sleep...hehe



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trust him or not?!?!

Can i trust him..i so wanna trust him and i soooo wanna like him but then again hhhhmm..i know Mr N is such a jerk at times but when he's ok..he's really nice..we only fight/argue when we plan bout the meet up and the timings..haizzzzz .

I just feel like giving him a second chance and having a 2nd date with him which im sure he's ok with it but my brain and my heart is like totally confused's like one moment im ok with it and the next minute im not.I felt like letting go of him but then again i feel like knowing him all over again..*Sigh* What shall i do?? Let go?? But then again there's no harm in having another date..but then again if i feel that if it's not goin anywhere with him..why should i bother in goin out with him..eeruurggghhh...i just put down the phone with him and it's nice to talk to him again..there i go again..i seriously need to get to know other guys..but i cant forget Mr N..but why???? He's not that cute looking anyway..what's with him that makes me think bout him..maybe cos i did went out with him but that was like 2 yrs ago..hhhmmmm...

If only there's like a guy that can really makes me forget bout Mr N he must be a hunk with a good character..which i can never get..wait long long ah..but whatever it is i think i might give Mr N a second chance but u know the moment i felt that heart would say no..just dont go out with Mr N...Im such a fickle minded girl..this is like choosing 2 shoes that that i really love and it's either i buy them both or i totally dont..haizzzzz..

I better go and sleep now..ciaozzzz....

*** LATEST UPDATE!! I tot i wanna just log off after i blog but now i have to edit my blog cos of this. Somehow i feel like checking my facebook b4 i sleep and guess what Mr N is online but he told me in his sleepy voice that he wanna sleep on the bottomline..DONT TRUST HIM! and how he's offline..maybe somehow he find out that im online so he went offline..JERK! Or maybe it's facebook probs issues..hhmm eeerrugggh..hate this feeling..Sometimes it's better not to give ppl 2nd chances ah..*blueks*

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long Holidays Part 2

As promise here's the 2nd part of my long public holiday events

3rd day 15th Feb 2010

Sentosa/Changi Beach

Had picnic at sentosa palawan beach. Makitam cooked mee grg..ayam grg..epok2..hotdog and me brought pau tuna! I didnt take pics of the food cos by the time i reach there i was so hungry and totally forgot! *lol* So anyway our picnic was being cut short cos it rained and so we decided to go elsewhere since the we still had plenty of food and so we decided to had our 2nd picnic at changi beach! hehe Well i seldom went to changi beach afterall it's way way at the It was such a windy day! i loike! But then bila nak makan like so leceh cos paper cups semua kena really we stayed there till bout 5pm and went back home.Sis said next time we shall have a bbq there instead of sentosa..looking forward for that..hehe

4th day - 16th Feb 2010 Changi Airport

Well initially on that day semua org wanted to stay home cos so penat and needed the rest cos it's a working day 2moz but in the end we all went out instead..*lol* Had our lunch at geylang kampung melayu..yummy satay and nasi ayam grg and then off to aiport to cool off. Nothing much to story actually..haha Oh and there's like sorta mini F1 car rides for the kids at T3..hehe

So that's all on my long public holidays..looking forward for the next family holiday probs next mth destination dunno yet..hehe

xx Muacks xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long holiday part 1

Well initially the plan was to go holiday inn batam during the lunar new yr hols but we cancel it so for the long and my cousins decided to go sightseeing in singapore instead and boy it was such a fun and tiring and hot public holidays! so here's some of the best moments!

13th Feb 2010

Reunion dinner *lol* at Yeos Seafood JB gelang patah cos most of us are in red! Since we cant get the delicious seafood at Harbour Bay Seafood Batam we decided to go to yeos instead but still after finishing the food..we still think the seafood at batam taste better.The off to Prata Wala 24hrs shop at Jurong pics below!

2nd day

14th Feb 2010 ( V-day/zoo trip)

Started the with breakfast at long john silver Jurong pt. Reached zoo at around 11am and gosh there were soooooooooooooooo many ppl mainly populated with the banglas :P We waited almost 35mins for the tickets and it was such a hot day! Luckily my dress's of a thin material if not aiyoh..panas panas! hehe Watched some of the shows there..and then off the wet world and again loads and loads of nieces got bumped a few times by kids..kesian dorang..i end up getting wet cos need to look after them..:( The last time i went to the zoo i didnt get the opportunity to ride on the carousel cos it was raining..but this time i did!! well not so lah im just there accompanying my niece..hehe We went back around 4++ and then went makan2 and back home and rest early since we're plan to have a picnic the next day..hehe

Well im ending the post here cos me wanna have my dinner.will continue the 2nd part picnic at sentosa and changi airport at nyte..tata!

xx Muacks xx

Saturday, February 13, 2010

G'day from Dee n Ry

Ola! This is just gonna be a short entry..hehe Anyway at the moment my bestie dee and her hubby Ry is now in Australia and it's really nice to receive sms/mms from her even when she's on holiday..hehe Anyway below are a few mms she sent me earlier and i must say that im sure she's really having a good time..the view from her hotel is really nice!! She's having a great tan i assume *lol 1st pic taken at Pacific Internation Hotel think that is in Cairns..i cant remember..and the 2nd pic was her room view at 6.30am and it's so sunny..great time to have fun by the beach!*

So anyway cant wait for them to get back so that i can view her photos..hehe Oh and my cousin sis was mentioning to me few days back...maybe during the june holidays..we might go to australia..i really hope that plan will menjadi..:)

Muacks xx Myra xx

Monday, February 8, 2010


What has britney pic gotta do with my pics..??!??! *lol* Well well read on to find out..ive been keeping my hair long since last raya which is like 6mths back and my dream hair is to be as long as britney *Smiles* I love that wavy hair and i love love that hair color! As u can see the photo of me in blakc well that was like 3 mths back and then the other one is just now and 3 mths and well it grew so little...haha I wonder how long it will take for me to have britney length. like what dee the time im gonna reach that'll be too hot for me and i will just cut it off b4..hahaha..cos having long hair always makes me feel hot.Oh and why are those 2 pics of me in shades..well cos that's the only time when i can really see my hair color...under the sunlight..i quite like the color now..haha I just bought a chocolate brown hair dye..i think that's gonna be like britney hair color! I hope so!! Will definitely update if it turns out allright..*winks* For now im off to bed..really tired after my trip to malacca..byeeeeee..

xx Muacks xx

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Everything

I just found out bout this from 91.3fm online site and i tink that's gonna be my theme song. I havent got a clue who or where this band comes from but i can somehow relate to the lyrics...for the 1st time im like hhmm hey that song's meant for me..*lol* Anyway here are the lyrics..meaningful only those in purple..

Push Play - My Everything

I need to knowI need to feel
I need to find someone real
I've had enough broken dreams
Now my heart needs to heal
I want to laugh
I want to smile
And fall head over heels
I'm tired of waiting
Tired of changing
Tired of living a lie
All the chances, lost romances

Time after time
I have a question, need an answer
Can you give me a sign
Something to turn my life around

Love, I wanna fall in love
I need to find the one
Who can be my everything
Time, I wanna pass the time
I wanna make you mine
You can be my everything
My everything
You could be what I need
To bring me back to life

I've been down, I've been out
Been so dead inside
What if you're that
Someone I can be with forever
You'll be the one to turn me around

Love, I wanna fall in love
I need to find the one
Who can be my everything
Time, I wanna pass the time
I wanna make you mine
You can be my everything
My everything
My everything is all you'll need

When everything is you
and meIt isn't too hard to see
Love, I wanna fall in love
I need to find the one
Who can be my everything
Time, I wanna pass the time
I wanna make you mine
You can be my everything
My everything

Enjoy the video clip below