Wednesday, April 28, 2010

25th April 2010

1.09am now and im currently webchatting with 5ruz like always *lol* So what shall i blog bout for 2nite..oh yeah my weekend in JB..hehe
Anyway last Sunday..i went in to JB with my cusin and her family,planning to have our lunch at Singgah Selalu Restaurant somewhere near Danga Bay but somehow there's this carnival Jom Heboh TV3 and the traffic there was soooooooo congested! By the time we reached the restaurant,we couldnt get in cos the stupid traffic police said carpark full seh!! But how come msia cars boleh masuk..yeah wadever lah! By then it's almost 1pm and ive not had my breakfast yet..called Mutiara Hotel JB..but their cafe is still under renovation and so cousin decided to check out Zon Hotel by the sea somewhere near Stulang not well well..the hotel look sooooooo fine! Love the the whole the huge chandelier at the lift entrances..didnt manage to take pics of the lobby cos by the time reached there,it was the check out time so it's quite full!

So went to level 7..where their cafes and their other lobby is view wise..amazing! Food taste..delicious! I had fried rice, keoh teow grg..lots of creams..finger food..mee bandung..etc..Ambience..relaxing!! Service..great..maybe cos it's our 1st time there so they nak amik hati...haha

Ratings..i think i would give it a 4/5..ceh...da mcm hotel critics..hahha

Well i guess that's bout all for 2nite..more pics to be uploaded in facebook if im not lazy! hehe
Gd nite...
xx Myra xx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Sat,i meet up with my bff diana and her hubby Ry.Started the day at Joo Chiat Complex and helped her chose some stuffs for Aziz ( bff bro in law ) hantaran engagement.i loved doin all those kinda stuffs cos it's gonna be a pink themed event..i loike!! *lol* Anytime spend with my bff is always great and fun ! I specially loved the pink feathers that diana chose to decorate the baskets..feel like buying those and decorate the mirrors at home..very girlish!!

After that,we headed to Singapore post KFC to have our lunch and had the longest ever sit and chat!! I think for almost 3hrs?? hahaha I had a really great time..laughing most of the time over GEDIK! *lol* Gedik was such a hot topic that day!! Gerek! I remembered the topic of the day whenever im out with diana used to be my "best friend"

Next we went to this shop where most of the tops are selling around $10-$ loike! Diana and i bought one top each and we ended up trying it on at the took some candid shots as always!! hahaha..

Finally we ended the our fun day by having desserts at fav hot fudge sundae!! hehe..

Looking forward for the next outing..most probs during BFF bday celebration..hehe

Loadsa of loves

xx Myra xx

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess who ?!?!?!?

Well anyway nie kes takde since only my BFF is reading this question to her is..dee..cepat teka sape budak2 cute in that

xx Myra xx

Monday, April 5, 2010

Singapore Flyer

Finally the day that ive been waiting for 2nd April 2010 - trip to the Singapore Flyer with my family!!! *lol* So anyway it was such a kecohrable day at the flyer. We were so engrossed in taking pics of one another and laughing..giggling at the kids that we totally didnt bother to view the scenery that much...hahah And another thing..i kept clicking pics..from the moment we step into the capsule till the ride ended..i didnt have time to even sit down.. hahaha It's a good thing that it's just the 10 of us in the kecoh2 pun org lain takde..hehe The funniest part was during the family self timer photo shoot..that was soooooooooo kecoh-rable to find the spot to self get the angle right another was so funny! See the pics below..this is what happend..

1) Self timer too cousin Juli tak sempat nak

2) Half of us not in the pic and abg raymie was

3) Still not the right angle

4) Finally!! Im soooooooooo glad that it's soooooo perfect! Even baby shaun is looking directly at the camera...mcm ada pro cameraman infront taking our That's the end result..nice kan..mcm very perfect..thanks to my sony cybershot *lol*

Overall it was such a nice experience..nasib baik aircon kuat..cos it was such a sunny day that day!
Mmmuuaccckkss... xxx