Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch at Pizza hut

*Chak* hahaha crazy! I just dunno how to start my entry today..*lol* So chak will be cute! hahah

Anyway few days back i went out with Fairuz to VIVO.The date that were were really looking 4ward for but it turns out to be a stressful one..haizzzzzzzzzzz.. Altho it did started out ended well but the middle of it wasnt that good:( It was one of the days that we sorta have our bad issues for the FIRST time...cos we got lost at VIVO looking for the lobby carpark..i seriously cannot remember! Cos is not like always i went to VIVO by car and it's such a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee place!

We had a lil argument mainly bout him feeling so tired looking for it cos we had to walk all the way back to harbour front and me simply cannot remember where we so bingit aiyoh. i can see from his face that he was kinda mad ah but we both were at fault actually cos both didnt tak leh nak salahkan sape2..oh well..but on the hand the lunch date at Pizza Hut was nice and the time we spent talking in the car at night was great to so basically after a stressful glad that it did turned out well afterall.

Oh and btw we had the new pizza which i think is really yummy! I love the chicken balls! Sedap!!

Oh and yesterday he did fetched me and my cousin at Jurong Pt cos he was otw back from JB and since he da otw to return his friend's car at JW..he fetched me dulu ah. We talked a while at my cousin carpark..that was nice. Oh and finally i got to watch "The Last Song"..he got me that dvd since we kinda missed watching that movie that day :(

So that was it ah...2moz i'll be accompanying him to one of his good friends house. His friend Khafiz's having a cukur rambut for his 2nd baby son.I bought his son this really cute pair of baby shoes from FOX..shared it with 5ruz :) I wonder how's gonna be like meeting his friends for the 1st time *lol* Hopefully everything turns out well )

So what else eh..oh yeah really looking forward for Sabrina bday party this Sunday..cant wait!! hehe

So ciaoz for now..

xx Mira xx

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  1. Kawan dia cute tak? Kawan2 dia yg cute cute ada tak? LOLOLOL.
    hahaha!! Takde lain sey, ingat mat aje!
    Anyways, having issues are good!! LOLOL. Dare to argue means dare to discuss and not pretending to be someone else with each other!
    This Sunday pun I jumpa dia for the 1st time, hope he & Ry can get along! If cannot get along I will just sit in the middle haha!!